Candid Wedding Photography & Photographers Services

Why Choose iMomentsVideo – There are so many candid wedding photographers out there and it can be quite overwhelming trying to work out who is right for you. I have included some points on this page to hopefully help you make this decision a little easier.

Love of People – I take the time before the wedding day to get to know you so I can tailor your photos to your unique personalities.

Professionalism and Ethics – Trust is very important to create natural photos and an enjoyable experience on your day.

Genuine Passion for making and seeing people happy. The excitement a couple feels on their wedding day is also felt by us.

Commitment to Quality Service is what we always aim for.

Your Peace of Mind – I have a solid Emergency Back-Up Plan in case anything happens to me – you will not have to worry about being without a quality photographer on your day if the unthinkable happens.

My Wedding Coordinator Skills – I can help you work out the best timing for your day so things can run smoothly and you have plenty of time with your guests and for great photos.

Easy Going Personality and I can easily adapt to changing circumstances which can prove very important for wedding days.

My Experience includes photographing people since 2003 and more than 250 weddings since 2010. Some of these were in France, Italy, Finland, Norway, Germany, Estonia, the UK, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Vietnam.

Friendly. Professional. Artistic. Relaxed. Fun. These are all the traits that I will bring to your wedding photography experience.

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We offer solutions that suit your budget

At iMomentsVideo, we have a number of affordable candid wedding photography & cinematography packages to suit any budget.  All of our wedding cinematographers and candid wedding photographers are incredibly talented and experienced professionals. Contact us for an obligation-free quote, and to see whether we’re available on your wedding day.