To cherish for years to come

Your Wedding Album is going to be the perfect keepsake from your wedding. It will bring back all the cherishing memories and pass down the story of the day to future generations.

There is so many options for a wedding album that we couldn’t choose only one, and we print from very best on the market. Our choice of supplier is one of the first and finest on-demand book service studio dedicated to producing hardcover books of exceptional printing and binding quality.

Whether you choose a package with our without an album, with any wedding photography coverage you will get our signature hand crafted wooden box. All photographs from the wedding day will be delivered on a USB stick (‘Message in a Bottle’ style). The box will also include a few complimentary art prints from the day.

Selecting ‘The Story Book Collection, for your wedding, you can get the options of both modern and contemporary albums. It has the capability to hold up 100 pages and 400 photos on those pages. This is the most affordable options we can offer you with. There are various ranges of material and color options along with designs available. Combining this with the photographic vibrant paper will make the photos a glossy and attractive look. Cover options for this products are- Satin cover, Leather cover, Printed Photographic cover. All will be provided to you within a complementary leather box.

Selecting ‘The Wedding Book Collection’ you can make a unique album on your wedding with your favorite color and material options. With this you can get photo printed on both side of the box and your album cover. Cover options for this products are- Satin cover, Crystal Glance cover, Printed Photographic cover, Leather cover.
Selecting ‘The French Collection’ you can provide your wedding album with a classic look, which will reflect a unique style. This product is available in both solid thick and thinner paper.

Selecting ‘The Italian Collection’ you can get a handmade album for your wedding with rich texture. Exclusively with this product you can get thick paper along with varnish on the pages with every required decoration. You can make every page with different colour, design and shape. With this product, you can have a number of cover options.